Bhutan: Building Cultural Bridges

Documentary, Multimedia Projects

Building Cultural Bridges is the culmination of a year-long community project to co-produced a film with the Bhutanese Refugee Community about the experience of coming to America. Covering the cultural and spiritual realities of transition through community dialogues, interviews with immigration service stakeholders, teachers and volunteers, the film provides insight into the transition to life in Portland, OR. While the film is made through the culturally specific lens of South Asian refugee immigrants, the issues raised and advice given is relevant to all newcomers to America. The project was funded by the East Portland Action Plan.

Behind the Scenes: The Project Process
This video chronicles the process of our year-long project with the Bhutanese Refugee community to make a film about the experience of coming to America.

Behind the Scenes: Workshop Process
Here is a short from some of the video workshops for the project “Building Cultural Bridges.”