EFF PDX: A Symphonic Exquisite Corpse

Motion Graphics, Multimedia Projects

What would a surrealist parlour game from the 1920’s look like set in the 20th century, with an entire city participating? It would like “A Symphonic Exquisite Corpse,” a city-wide, participatory remix game we curated at the second annual Portland Experimental Film Festival in 2013. This short promo explains how the game worked.

About the Project

The process was based upon the surrealist parlour game commonly known as “Exquisite Corpse,” where participants draw a segment of a body with only a small clue as to what the other parts look like, the collective creation culminating in (literally) a strange body of work. In this video version of that game, participants had 100 hours to remix stock footage curated loosely around themes of Head, Hand, Feet, Body and Spirit. The final piece is an 18 minute remix film incorporating all of the submissions.

The Exquisite Corpse

The final installation, featuring all of the remix films submitted as part  of the game, closed out the festival at the Clinton Street Theater.


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