Langtang Memory Project

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The Langtang Memory Project is a living archive. Featuring interactive exhibits crowd sourced from community members and around the world, it is intended to function as a repository of information related to Langtang. After the 2015 earthquake, the tiny village of Langtang was destroyed by an avalanche triggered by the 7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal. We conducted workshops with community members on audio visual skills, documented the return to the valley, scanned family photographs, and build the framework of a multilingual archive that can serve both researchers and community members alike.

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Content was crowd sourced and curated from around the world, and the archive features articles, photographs, video and oral testimonies from over 25 contributors.

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The archive is a living repository intended to document the culture and history of the valley, but most importantly to serve as an active bridge between Langtang’s past, present, and future, as they rebuild and redefine their community in the coming years. archive